TwitRank Privacy Policy

Updated June 10, 2022

TwitRank’s Privacy Policy is short because TwitRank does not collect or use your personal data. TwitRank is an anonymous platform. The only form of data we collect is usage data, which is necessary only for app functionality. This data is anonymized and is not linked to your identity, or your device, and cannot be linked back to you, or be tied with other datasets that enable it to be linked back to you.

The usage data we collect goes directly to us. At no point does any data cross hands with a third party or intermediary. We do not ever feed or relay any data to an advertising profile. We do not assist in the delivery of any personalized ads. We do not use any advertising profile to customize what you see in TwitRank, or for any other purpose.

All network requests are anonymized and made over an encrypted channel (HTTPS / TLS).